Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Bridal Registry Advice

1. Make sure you are both well-fed before, during, and after your registry trip.

2. In general, I suggest registering for “mid-grade” items—not the cheapest, not the most expensive, somewhere in the middle. However, with items that you plan to use daily and wash a lot, I suggest registering for the highest quality possible. This includes (especially) towels and sheets. You might want to add pillows to this list as well.

3. Finish registering online. Most stores offer this option and it will save you a trip back when you’ve realized what you forgot.

4. Only register in two places for a specific reason. If you can find everything you need at one store, just do that. Don’t double-up on items at different stores.

5. Don’t register for any glass baking ware (like Pyrex). You’ll get plenty anyway! Ask friends that had weddings/receptions in the same areas that your events are (or extended family who received gifts from the same people you will) what they got extras of and adjust your registry to that information.

6. Make a list before you go and keep one after of what you need to add online.

7. Take this task seriously and don’t be stupid. This is a chance to help people pick nice gifts that you can really use. While joke items (like toilet paper or Mountain Dew) may seem funny at the time, wouldn’t you rather have a nicer gift and a meaningful one that you will use frequently?