Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When Quality Matters

I'm all about saving money, but sometimes cheap is cheap. This is cheap:

It smells like Nexxus, but it does not work like Nexxus. I don't know what salon "proved" it. Over time (a little over three months) the health of my hair has been completely deteriorating. At first I thought that I just needed a trim, but when I still didn't like wearing my hair down anymore, I knew this was a problem.
Enter this:

This isn't necessarily a Pantene ad. I chose Pantene because it was on sale at Costco. I'm happy to choose any shampoo from Costco because Costco always has quality products for an excellent deal. But I am never trying a cheap or generic brand of shampoo and conditioner ever again.

It's only been a few days, but my hair already feels smoother, less frizzy and tangled, shinier, and much more moisturized. Goodbye cheap. Hello hair health. Welcome back. I'm so happy you're here.